Vehicles with or without motor provide transportation and accommodation. Recreational vehicles are mostly used by people who love camping and traveling to a different countryside.

Types of recreational vehicles in the category of motorhomes (1)

Camping in RV is full of excitement and enjoyable. Be careful before selecting the type of RV according to your budget and needs. RVs in the category of motorhomes have different advantages and disadvantages. Motorhomes are easier to set on-site and it has enough room for passengers when they are traveling on the road. Following are types of recreational vehicles in the category of motorhomes:

Class A:

This class has the most expensive and luxurious RVs on the road. These RVs are loved by dedicated travelers. No CDL license is needed to operate with class A motorhomes. It also has a slide-out that can be expanded providing more space. It provides several facilities, appliances, and amenities. It has a laundry machine, bath, and shower facilities. These motorhomes provide an entertainment system like homes. The basement provides extra space for luggage. When campers decide to go on a long route they can almost save every essential with them.


  • It has a large interior space
  • It has plenty of cargo storage
  • Many great features and luxury amenities


  • Intimidate to drive
  • It is not easy to take day trips without towing a separate vehicle.
  • It is very expensive to repair, purchase and operate.

Class B:

It is also called a camper van. These recreational vehicles are built on a van chassis. It is available in both gasoline and diesel options. These RVs provide a comfortable sleep to their passengers with all other amenities. They are small in size and it is easy to drive, store and operate. Day trips are very easy with these recreational automobiles. Refrigerator, sink, shower, heating, and air conditioning facilities are available in class B. These RVs are expensive and somehow difficult to operate.

It is best for two people and if more than two people are using it, quarters will be uncomfortable for them. They don’t have enough cargo space to carry your extra luggage on a long trip.


  • They are easy to drive and maneuver
  • Campsite set up is simple
  • Fuel is less costly and maintenance is easier
  • It is convenient for day trips


  • Amenities are limited
  • Interior living space is restricted
  • Cargo area and space is limited
  • It is only suitable for one or two people only.

Class C:

These are medium-sized recreational vehicles. Their height is up to 33 feet or less than it. They can be built either on truck or can. They are used by families or groups of friends. The advantages of class C motor home are similar to class A. It is available at a lower cost as compared to class A.

Living space in these RVs is larger than class B and amenities are similar to class A. They have enough space for sleeping and resting, toilets, showers, and enough space for the kitchen. Couches and tables are available in such RVs that can be easily converted into beds for sleeping and laying purposes.

Class C motorhomes are also challenging in drive like class A motorhomes. Still, these RVs are easy to manage on the camp site. These RVs are fairly expensive when compared to class B motorhomes.


  • It has enough space for large families
  • It has extra sleeping space above the driver’s cab. It can also be utilized as a storage area
  • It has all the necessities
  • It is less expensive when compared to class A motorhomes.


  • It is still expensive to operate and maintain
  • Driving a Class C motorhome can be challenging
  • Some of the luxurious amenities are not available
  • Difficult to take on day trips without a separate automobile

Towable RVs:

These types of RVs offer more advantages as compared to motorhomes. These are less expensive and more reliable than motorhomes.

Travel trailers:

They are seen as a large container that has extra space and other amenities similar to home. It can be towed by a variety of towable vehicles.


  • Easily towable by truck, SUV, or a van
  • It is less expensive than full-sized motorhomes
  • Towing automobiles can be used for ERRANDS and EXCURSIONS.


  • Difficult to operate in restricted areas
  • The tail swing must be known by the driver
  • It is impossible to drive in a reverse position.

5th wheel trailers

These RVs are similar to the above-mentioned type except for one thing that is they can be easily towed by a towable vehicle with the feature of the gooseneck connector. It offers several advantages and some limitations. They are easier to manage and operate.


  • Easily connected with gooseneck rig
  • More storage and space is provided by the overhanging portion of the trailer
  • Several amenities and conveniences are available in such RVs.


  • Limited vehicles can be used to tow 5th wheel trailers
  • Space for passengers is less on long trips.

Top-rated recreational vehicles for 2021 (2)

Top picks of recreational vehicles 2021 are as follows:

  1. Alliance RV paradigm 390MP
  • It is the fifth-wheel trailer that can be used for extended hours.
  • It has a wide body that provides extra space for passengers and cargo
  • It is a highly rated RV with several amenities.
  1. Dutchman RV Yukon 400 RL
  • It is also a fifth-wheel trailer that offers wide storage due to its wide range of zones
  • Zones include kitchen, bedroom, living area, bathroom, and extraordinary exterior
  • It has many drawers as compared to other standard recreational vehicles
  • It provides comfort and luxury to its consumers
  1. Fleetwood RV Discovery LXE 36HQ
  • This RV has introduced modern features in the market of RVs.
  • It has an island kitchen in the motorhome of Class A
  • It provides several luxuries and amenities.
  1. Forest River IBEX
  • It is a travel trailer and best for those who love camping at the outdoor adventures
  • It has built the IBEX trailer that can guide about the climate and terrains