Trained and qualified person who advises you on different matters is called attorney. They provide services from documentation to the proceeding in the courts.

Duties and responsibilities of an attorney: (1)

A wide range of duties is covered by attorneys. Some common duties of the attorneys include:

  • They advise clients for their ongoing investigations and explain every issue they had to face in court. He discusses every detail with his clients.
  • They will research the evidence and information regarding the case. They also search for police reports and accident reports and find the law against the case.
  • An attorney will interpret the law case and decisions that are given by other courts. Studying the case profile will help them to find many other matters regarding the courts and case.
  • They will develop different case strategies for example they will try to solve the cost-effectively and quickly. This will save their clients from several trials.
  • They will prepare for the pleadings and documents like wills, contracts, and deeds.
  • Appear their clients before the judge and defend their clients for their rights and interests.

What is the average salary of an attorney?

Salary greatly depends on whether the client is working for a firm or he is a solo practitioner. Self-employed attorneys earn less than others. The median annual salary of an attorney is 120,910 dollars. The top ten percent annual salary of an attorney is 208,000 dollars. The bottom ten percent annual salary is less than 58,220 dollars.

Education, training, and certifications of an attorney

To become a qualified attorney, seven years of a complete education is required to pursue a career. They had to study further to achieve higher goals in the field.

Education: After the degree in bachelor’s attorney has to complete a Juris Doctor degree for aspiring in the career. Law schools from where a person gets his education must be accredited with the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION (ABA) for licensing in specified states.

Testing: before applying or taking admission in the law school, a test is required to pass that is LAW SCHOOL ADMISSION TEST (LSAT). It will show the enthusiasm of a candidate for the field.

Apprenticeships and volunteer work: students must do practical work while studying at law school. They should volunteer themselves in communities, take part in competitions, and practice different trials. They can work at the law firm in the summers or part-time. Some students write journals for their schools.

Admittance to the bar: if attorneys want to practice in the state they must get themselves admitted to the bar association of that state. To get admission to the bar they had to clear a passing exam of general ethics. This test is taken in the written form.

Continuing Education: when you pass the bachelor’s degree of law, it never means you are done with the profession. You must continue your education to accomplish your career goal. Some bar associations make education mandatory so you can attain your membership with the bar. They require a yearly course or one course after three years as a requirement of the membership.

Types of lawyers: (2)

To cater to your required problems, different types of lawyers are available with specialization. Here is the list of different types of lawyers.

Personal injury lawyer:

This lawyer is specialized in law litigation and they help their clients with an injury that is caused by another party. Such attorney also deals with the case of any physical harm or death of any family member. They also deal with the case when an insurer denies paying the expense for medical treatment. They also deal with DEFAMATION, LIBEL, and SLANDER. If an injury occurred at the property of another party they will help them file the case. A personal injury lawyer can earn annually from 80,000 dollars to 165.000 dollars.

Toxic tort lawyer:

Such lawyers help their clients if they are exposed to any hazardous chemical or toxin due to another party. They represent their clients to file the case against the manufacturer of a company if the injury is due to their defective products. They proceed with the case in court on behalf of their clients.

Estate planning lawyer:

Estate planning lawyer usually deals with the wills and trusts of their clients. They arrange a cover letter for the children of their clients as beneficiaries. They also assist with retirement plans and life insurances. If any estate decides to file a case in court, a lawyer is also responsible for proceeding with the case. An estate lawyers can earn an average of 95,000 per wage.

Bankruptcy lawyer:

Such lawyers cousin their clients regarding bankruptcy eligibility criteria. They will guide what type of bank is suitable according to your circumstances. A bankruptcy lawyer can earn up to an average of 113.000 dollars annually.

Intellectual Property lawyer:

Intellectual property lawyers guide you on matters related to your property. They practise on three main areas that include COPYRIGHT, TRADEMARK and PATENT.

Employment or labour lawyer:

Such lawyers deal with the employment matters such as issue regarding contract with the company, or any misconduct during employment. They deal with the cases of sexual harassment at the workplace, sudden termination of the employees, compensation for the worker and overtime or wage issues of the worker. Labour lawyers can earn up to 144,000 dollars annually.

Public interest lawyer:

These lawyers deal with public organizations, institutions and small business for the services of their clients. They serve as a COUNTY PUBLIC DEFENDER and deal with the clients that are unable to afford the court cases and representations.

Criminal lawyer:

Three types of attorney lawyers are available:

  • Prosecutors attorney
  • Public defend attorney
  • Private defence attorney

They have done their specialisation in the criminal cases and they defend their clients in the bail, arrest or trial in the courts.

Tax lawyer:

These attorneys have done their specialization in the tax rules of the state. They guide their clients regarding the tax payment. They also help their clients in cases related to taxes.