Voice-over internet protocol is a technology that allows people to make calls via an internet connection. Increasing broadband facilities has made people fall in love with VoIP.


VoIP phone service is a less costly analog of conventional phone lines. Benefits given by VoIP are way more than the telephone service. Among powerful features of VoIP, call recording, auto attendants, and custom caller ID are the most liked ones. The IP address of an individual tells the way of communication between devices on the internet. VoIP service companies not only place calls but also route incoming and outgoing calls via contemporary telephone networks. Conventional telephone services relied on digital lines to make calls, which means extra cost for lines and domestic wiring. Many companies depend upon “Private Branch Exchange (PBX)”, which is hardware. It establishes a connection between the public telephone and the internal phone extensions. Installation and management of PBX become costly for a person. In that case, VoIP is a better option that allows an abrupt connection just by entering an IP address.


Internet Protocol is a fundamental element of the internet. During a phone call, the dialogues are converted into small data packets. These packets are sent to the internet, which is responsible for sending them to the other end within a second. In internet telephony, the data packets are transferred between the VoIP provider and the phone. In VoIP, the phone connects to the router of the local area network (LAN). While dialing a number, the VoIP service provider connects the IP phone to the second party. Once the call is established, data packets travel between the two communicators. VoIP is responsible to convert data packets back into the voice form when reaching the other end.

Advantages of VoIP

  • Many businesses and consumers have found significant cost savings by using VoIP. They do not have to pay for phone calls bills.
  • One can hear a finer quality of sound in VoIP, which is less possible in traditional phone calls. VoIP eliminates the disruption due to fuzzy and muffled audio.
  • VoIP entertains the consumer with premium features such as call queues, call recording, and auto attendants.
  • It does not need technical equipment. Only a mobile phone service is necessary.
  • Traditional calls outside the country make it costly for a consumer. Through VoIP, a consumer can call anywhere in the world without any call rates.


  • VoIP does not work well if the internet connection is poor. This means a consumer needs to have a high-speed internet connection everywhere.
  • In unfortunate cases, if someone calls 911, then he needs to tell the accurate location. Because VoIP only sends the provider’s mailing address by default.
  • Voice over internet protocol does not depend upon analog signals. This means VoIP has nothing to do with outdated phones.

Is VoIP convenient?

The fact is VoIP is convenient to use for business as well as personal callings. One can easily enjoy calls for a long time, once the internet connection is established. Unlike WhatsApp and Skype, VoIP allows calling at any number. This service also allows calling to people having any of the following telephone services:

  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile

A power cord, network cable, and a phone are the only elements to use VoIP. No technical setup is required. It is way more convenient for someone who is using iPhone or Android. Just download the app, sign in and he is done.

Cost of VoIP

VoIP seems surprisingly inexpensive when someoneevaluates its capabilities. Here is the idea of the costs of VoIP.

  • The initial cost is up to $50/line
  • The monthly cost is from $19 to $45/line
  • Device costs range from $80 to $600/IP phone
  • International cost is $0.01+/minute
  • Fees and taxes vary according to country, state, and city.

Best VoIP providers

  1. Nextiva

It is the best leading provider of VoIP. It offers the best of it at an affordable price. Even the least expensive plan offers unlimited video and voice calling. It meets the requirement of an individual regarding placing calls or updating a phone. A user can get a free new number or can use his existing number without extra charges. Some of the features offered by Nextiva are:

  • Hold music
  • Had voice
  • An auto-attendant
  • An automatic admin panel

Plans offered by Nextiva are:

  • Essential- $18.95/user/month
  • Professional- $22.95/user/month
  • Enterprise- $32.95/user/month
  • Ultimate-$57.95/user/month
  1. Ooma office

This provider is best for the setup that does not have a specific IT team, administration, implementation, and ongoing maintenance. The service team of Ooma does not disappoint thecustomer in resolving the problem. It is a highly cost-effective provider. Even the least expensive plans of VoIP provide:

  • Unlimited business SMS and calling
  • Call parking, forwarding, transfers, and flipping
  • Voicemails
  • Conference calling

Upgrading to maximum tiers of Ooma allows a user to get international collaboration tools. The tiers of Ooma are:

  • Ooma office- $19.95/user/month
  • Ooma office pro- $24.95/user/month
  1. RingCentral

RingCentral provides an incredible deal to setups that have fewer workers but still want a communication service with collaboration tools. Such setups can enjoy RingCentral MPV essential plan that offers:

  • Infinite calls within Canada and the US
  • Infinite business SMS
  • Text notifications for missed calls and voice mails
  • A free new phone number
  • The potential to the port current number
  • HD voice

This provider either gives free mobile or desktop apps that turn computers or mobiles into business phones. Individuals can enjoy crucial call management features such as screening, transfers, parking, forwarding, and more. It offers four plans:

  • Essentials- $19.99/user/month
  • Standard- $27.99/user/month
  • Premium- $34.99/user/month
  • Ultimate- $49.99/user/month
  1. Grasshopper

It is different from the rest of the providers because it is not a competitive all-in-one phone network. Rather it concentrates on no-fuss softphone working that allows a user to place phone calls on the pre-existing mobile phone. No wait for order delivery, no equipment, no installation, and no configuration, just an app to download and the user is done. It   offers three plans:

  • Solo- $26/month/number/three extensions
  • Partner- $44/month/three numbers/six extensions
  • Small business – $80/five numbers for unlimited extensions.


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