Assisted living is a second home for seniors with several amenities. It is only offered to seniors aged 55 or more.

What does assisted livingprovide? (1)

Assisted living provides residential space only to elderly people with special care and protection. They are specified for seniors who are feeling well or need support for living. They provide monthly or required health maintenance to seniors. Assessment is done according to the regulation of the specified state. Such living also provides a better and healthy lifestyle with social engagement.

Usually assisted living communities do offer management of medications and help with other activities such as a bathroom, grooming, and dressing. Laundry and transportation are also included in the services of assisted living. Offering social programs, meals, activities, and housekeeping is the main objective of assisted living.


Staff is available 24 hours a week to assist inthe care, support, and safetyof seniors. They allow their residents to bring their furniture, so they can live and feel like a home. When seniors decide to move to the assisted living, they will assess them completely so they can create a specialized plan according to their requirements. Some communities are licensed to provide memory care to the residents.


Assisted living for seniors provides distinct dining rooms for seniors with a variety of menus depending on the nutritional requirement of seniors.

What does assisted living not provide?

Assisted living should not be confused with nursing home care. Nursing home care provides complete assistance with full-time care by the trained medical team. If seniors require short or long-term medical care, they can select extended or long-term care accordingly. Nursing home care is licensed by MEDICARE and MEDICAID to provide short-term and long-term medical care to patients.

Supportive services are also confused with the services of assisted living. Different terms are used for such facilities according to the states. Their services may be similar to assisted living but they are more focused on DEVELOPMENTALLY CHALLENGED ADULTS.

How much does assisted living for seniors cost?

The cost of assisted living for seniors vary from state to state and it greatly depends upon the types of services required, size of residents, and area of the community. One answer to this question is quite difficult as the cost fluctuates. Assisted living is less expensive when it is compared with NURSING CARE and HOME HEALTH in the same area.

A survey conducted in 2019 by the GENWORTH COST OF CARE says that assisted living for seniors costs around 4,051 dollars per month. This cost can be broken into 135 dollars per day. The same survey reports that nursing homes can cost around 8,517 dollars per month that is equal to 284 dollars per day. HOME HEALTH can cost you around 141 dollars per day according to their services.

What daily activities are required by seniors?

When seniors need assistance with daily activities, they move to assisted living for help. This is the most common reason for seniors to choose these communities for living. Usually, they need at least two tasks to be done with help. The most common activities of daily life required by seniors are:

  • Assistance for bathing is required by sixty-four percent of seniors
  • Walking with help is required by fifty-seven percent of seniors.
  • Help with dressing up is required by forty-eight percent of seniors
  • Assistance with toileting is required by forty percent of seniors
  • Assistant during bed transfer is required by twenty-nine percent of seniors
  • Help while eating is required by nineteen percent of seniors.

This survey is conducted by NATIONAL CENTER FOR ASSISTED LIVING and they state that the median stay at such communities is around 22 months.

Affordable assisted living for seniors(2)

Assisted living is the best option for seniors when they don’t want to live alone. Some seniors are not financially stable to pay extras for assisted living. Affordable senior housing is specifically dedicated to seniors with low income. It is provided to seniors who qualify for the criteria of affordable senior housing. This process might be long but worth it. All the documents must be completed before submission as it will help you win the criteria.

Assistance options for low income seniors:

Families and elders with low-income are supported by government and private resources so they can afford the living with assistance. Criteria for every community differ from each other. Before choosing the community it is better to talk with the lead person of that community to avoid any mess later. You can ask about the payment option and service they offer before moving there. You can also ask them what type of assistance form they will accept.

Section 202 program:

Senior above 62 with low income are offered HUD 202 program. If they qualify they can be provided with independent or assisted living communities according to their choice. HUD program was established in 1959 and this program is set to provide housing facilities only to seniors. These communities are owned by organizations without any concern of profit.

Rent assisted housing:

Such housing is dedicated to seniors with any disability to live independently with some help. Such communities provide different types of facilities and activities to support seniors. They provide different services such as transportation, dining, dressing, bathing, toileting, and housekeeping to seniors. Some advanced communities also offer support of nutrition, different fitness programs, and art therapy for seniors for healthy living.

HUD PROGRAM is funded by the federal government and this finding is equally distributed among the communities without profit interest. The main objective of this funding is to build housing communities for seniors with low income. HUD program allows low rent from seniors who can’t afford such living with services. If a senior is above 62 and earns low, he will get qualified for HUD PROGRAM. Residents can apply directly or indirectly through communities to this program. You can search on websites about the communities near you and if HUD PROGRAM is available in you area or not.