Equipment is designed to entertain children but they also help them in learning and grooming. Playground equipment is found in play parks, schools, and childcare institutions.

Types of playground equipment: (1)

Here are different types of playground equipment and they are created with different strategies.

Inclusive playground equipment:

Such playground equipment is designed for every child as they have access to handicapped children as well. These are designed with a special focus on the access of a wheelchair. This playground equipment has different levels of difficulties and challenges. Children with special needs can also play with such equipment.

Parallel play is included in this type and they motivate every age group to play and build their SKILLS and STRENGTHS during their interaction with each other.

Fitness playground equipment:

Such playground equipment helps children to keep their physical fitness and healthy lifestyle. Children can develop balance, agility, and strength when they interact with each other and challenge themselves to complete the task.

Obstacles and physical fitness are part of the playground and they keep the body fit and help them to build strong muscles. When they play with this equipment, they can also do CARDIO WORKOUTS. It can create healthy competition among children when they motivate themselves to maintain their physical fitness and health.

Nature and adventure playgrounds:

Such types of playground equipment initiate curiosity among children and motivate them to explore different environments and come across the world around them.

NATURAL TOPOGRAPHY like HILLS and MOUNDS can create a natural and creative play area around them. This equipment is innovative and includes different wall climbing, rocks, nets, and many more

Skills supported by play patterns on the playground


Imaginative games in the playground can build creativity among children during playing. The climbing tower can build the imagination of SPACESHIP and BOAT. Children can adjust their strengths and create a new level of skill while playing with the playground equipment. NETPLEX PLAY STRUCTURE can build skill difficulty when they play outside the structure instead of inside the area.

Collaboration and cooperation:

These benefits can be motivated by specific playground equipment that needs children to play and work as a team. Structures that require waiting for a turn such as slides and zipKROOZ can build patience and communication skills. It also helps to boost confidence among children. SEESAWS and GLOBAL MOTION are used to build collaboration as they encourage them to make their team and operate because some children will push and some will ride. Multisensory playground games use sound and movement that motivates children to collaborate attractively.

Problem-solving skills:

These skills can be motivated by different types of climbing elements. Children will collaborate on how to physically use the playground equipment. This is especially seen when the equipment is new to them.


Such a type of skill is initiated when children try again and again after the failed attempt. This is usually seen when children face difficulty in crossing the monkey bars at the playgrounds. Accomplishment and high self-esteem are felt by the children once they succeed in achieving the goal.

Manufacturers of the biggest playground equipment: (2)

Playground equipment is available in many shapes and types. The industry is building different playground equipment with innovations. They focus on new designs and quality at the same time. Manufacturers design playground equipment for both residential and commercial areas. Playground equipment is available to children of all ages and they are budget and environment friendly. Manufacturers create playground equipment according to the modern age and interest of children. A lot of time is utilized in the whole process from planning the new design to installation at the playgrounds of parks of schools. Some of the biggest manufacturers of playground equipment are:

  1. Play craft system:
  • It is one of the most leading manufacturers of playground equipment.
  • They are highly specialised in designing innovative and fun outdoor playground equipment
  • Manufacturers are operating since last twenty five years.
  • They claim to pay detailed attention and dedication in creating different playground equipment.
  • They focus on preserving the environment and manufacturing energy efficient technology in playground equipment
  • They are working hard to meet the standards of market with complete attention to the demand and interests of children
  • They design equipment for recreational centers, parks and school playgrounds
  • Manufacturers claims that their products are of high quality in affordable prices.
  1. Game time:
  • This company is involved in manufacturing customized themed play structures, commercial playground equipment and park amenities
  • Now they are also manufacturing new equipment for sports, fitness equipment for outdoors and surfacing materials for playgrounds.
  • They manufacture high quality products according to the children’s demand.
  • They conduct a long time research to create new and unique designs that must be ideal with the abilities of kids.
  • This company is recognised due to their creativity and originality in producing innovative playground equipment.
  • Their inventions show great result in keeping children busy.
  • They have worked on the safety research and their playground equipment is safest for children around the whole world.
  • They provide lifetime warranty with each product to ensure peace of mind.
  • Their equipment creates imagination; promote mental and physical fitness among children of all ages.
  1. Eibe play limited
  • This company based in Germany and manufacturing playground equipment since five centuries.
  • They produce great designs that create imagination and provoke new thoughts among children.
  • They usually cover three categories that include; furniture, sports & toys and playground equipment.
  • Manufacturer started a small business of carpentry and it is known as the most respected brand of playground equipment in the UNITED STATES.
  • Their biggest factory for production of playground equipment is based in Rottingen.
  • Company is growing rapidly because they provide high end quality of equipment that provides imagination in the play spaces.
  • Their main goal is to produce equipment for special kids, teenagers and equipment that can excite adults for fun and physical activities.
  • They provide products as per clients need
  • They focus on quality, safety and affordability of playground equipment.
  • They are continuously trying to meet the new standards of market.