Running shoes are used for sports and physical activities. Running shoes help in running comfortably, but nowadays they can be utilized for casual wear.

Foot type and Pronation:

Three different types of foot types are:

  • Natural arch
  • Low arch
  • High arch

Foot rolling and direction of the foot are defined with the height of the foot arch. Here are the types and the way foot rolls:

Neutral arch:

In this type, the foot rolls onto the healthy spot.

Low arch:

The foot rolls inwards or overpronates due to the low arch.

High arch:

The foot rolls slightly at the impact or under pronates due to the high arch.

Types of Running shoes: (1)

If you know the type of your feet, it is very easy for you to select the most suitable shoes for you. Three categories of shoes are defined. Types are not mentioned on the shoes or racks, before selecting ask your salesperson about the category or do detailed research online before buying. Brands usually share all the detailed information on their websites. Types are:

  • Stability shoes
  • Motion control shoe
  • Cushioning shoes

Stability shoes:

Stability shoes are chosen by runners who have normal arches and less problem in control. They provide stability to the runners with extra support for the side arch and HIGH-DENSITY FOAMS. Stability shoes provide stability for the rearfoot and flexibility to the forefoot due to the gentle arch they possess from front to back.

Motion-control shoes:

These types of shoes are best for runners who overpronate usually and they have flat feet. These types of shoes have RIGID DEVICE that is made of fiberglass, foam of high density, or plastic. These shoes have a different color at the MIDSOLE because of filling for high stability. Turning out of the foot and overpronation is prevented due to high rigidity in these shoes.

Cushioning Shoes:

These types of shoes are best for HIGH ARCHES, RIGID.FEET and runners who under pronates. They are designed with a side curve and they are made with very lightweight material that helps in reducing the rigidity providing extra cushioning.

What is the average price of running shoes?

It is quite difficult to find cheap but reliable shoes. You are investing for the sake of your hobby when you expensive and reliable running shoes. When you invest a quality amount in your shoes it will give you better results. You can find running shoes at the average price of seventy-five dollars. Usually, runners spend between fifty to one hundred dollars on running shoes. If people are brand conscious or care more about the quality they will spend more than two hundred rupees. When you spend more money on your running shoes they will last longer than cheaper shoes. Some brands offer customization options according to the size of your feet. If you buy running shoes worth 50 dollars they will provide better support and experience as compared to the shoes of 100 dollars. Always make a wise decision before you choose your running shoes.

What to look for in Running shoes?

Following factors should be considered before choosing the running shoes:

  • Distance: if you are going on a long-distance, you need better shoes to go
  • Technology: if you buy shoes of higher quality it means you need more money to spend. If four hundred miles are short for you, it means you have to invest more money.
  • Design: you may be more interested in investing money for colorful patterns on running shoes, but that is not important.
  • Breathability: some shoes don’t possess the technology of breathing and make a mess for the feet. Extra cushioning can make them cause heat that shows you down.
  • Brand: running shoes vary from brand to brand. Brands usually charge you more for their name and logo
  • Accessibility: waiting is exhausting when you need your parcel as early as possible. Always check for the delivery time for each brand they promised to ship your order.

Top brands of running shoes 2021 (2)

Here are the top-rated brands for running shoes:

  1. Nike:
  • This brand has made its reputation with the best quality sneakers.
  • They offer a free run that gives the barefoot experience that completely supports your arches and ankles.
  • It is the biggest brand of sports
  • With the best running roots, they are the best brand for running shoes in the whole world
  • It is the biggest tastemaker that is making great innovation tos to lead the market
  • They provide a wide variety of running shoes for athletes with all types of foot
  • They provide customization as required by the customer.
  • Top styles of their running shoes include Air Zoom structure 23 and Zoom X vapor fly Next
  1. ASICS:
  • Without ASICS, no Nike would exist
  • All running brands buy shoes from the founder of Nike for the future athletes
  • This brand is known for providing the most comfortable running at a very reasonable price
  • This brand is famous for providing gel cushioning and it is the signature of ASICS.
  • The key style for this brand is GEL-NIMBUS, GEL KAYANO 27 and GT 2000.
  1. Adidas:
  • It is the brand of German sports wear that provide shoes for modern athletes.
  • They provide the most iconic running shoes for the runners
  • They are making great innovations in the industry that set them as the top brand.
  • They have advance their sports footwear business by providing the technology of boost
  • They are using high quality materials for the sole design and also provide customization to their valuable customers.
  • Key models of this brand are ULTRABOOST 20, Adizero Adios Pro and ADIDAS SOLARBOOST 3.
  1. Saucony:
  • They have been creating great footwear for customers from the past 120 years.
  • It is an American brand that is known for its amazing products for hardcore athletes.
  • It is the original innovator of running shoe that is known for most stylish designs.
  • Jazz is the most iconic design known since 1980.
  • They are providing new designs according to the modern era
  • They claims to provide the most durable and flexible running shoes
  • Key styles include Freedom 3 and Hurricanes 22