A crossover is a car classification with a unitized body configuration. A car-based SUV is another term used for a crossover.

Basic facts (1)

In the automobile industry, the crossover section has rejoiced staggering progress with the highest sale in the industry. Automakers are still making efforts in introducing the section with modern contributions. It has been less than 20 years, the word “crossover” enter into the lexicon. Purchasers did not have much knowledge but still used to buy crossovers. Compact SUVs are used interchangeably with Crossovers but several new versions are expanding those barriers.

Why buy a crossover? (2)

  1. Third-row seating

The segment of minivans disappeared from the automobile industry when SUVs introduced third-row seating. This feature influences one’s decision while buying a car. But this feature does not always give a sense of pleasure because many vehicles have narrow third-row seating. In many cases, the second row needs to be flipped down to access the third row. Despite some unease, this feature seemed indispensable for some crossover families. Many automobile analysts give credit to this feature in the continued growth of crossovers.

  1. More options

Automobile makers have learned a lot from the declining factors of SUVs and recovered those mistakes in crossovers. That is the reason why crossovers have evolved more capable and stronger. For instance, Chevy Traverse is leading the class with a remarkable towing capacity of 2359 Kg. AWD powertrain is a defining characteristic of crossovers. But still, FWD crossovers attract buyers due to affordable base prices. They also share some minivans’ features such as abundant high-end electronics, configurable seats, high-end tech toys, and third-row seating.

  1. Competitive pricing

Consumers have many things to consider as the base prices are very competitive. The initial price of almost all models is $20k. So a consumer has various options to select. But he must know the reason behind low prices. Due to the unibody platform, the manufacturing cost of a crossover is less than an SUV. Drivetrain, interior accouterments, and styling elements of crossovers are borrowed from midsized or a compact cars from the line-up. All this keeps the base price of crossover low. A consumer has to pay more only for extra features.

  1. Improved efficiency

Crossovers deliver several SUVs-like perks. It is a fact that not all crossovers have great off-road and hauling capabilities. At the start, when the gas rate became high many consumers found it a useless feature in SUVs. But many people hesitate to leave accessible seating, comfy ride, roomy interior, and readily available AWD drivetrain. So crossovers positioned themselves into the middle of the ground. Crossoversaccepted some features from SUVs such as spacious interior, car-like comfortable cruise, and good hauling capacity. But these also gave up some other features to make a lighter body for better fuel economy.

Reviews of top luxurious Crossovers (3)

  1. Audio E-Tron

With 8.7/10 expert ratings, it holds the top rank in the segment. It is an entirely electric crossover, come in two styles; either Sportback or an SUV body style.


  • Luxurious and quiet cabin
  • Well-proportioned exteriors
  • Quick and straightforward charging
  • Versatility and spacious interior


  • Complicated touchscreen layout
  • The climate control feature interferes with the line of sight


  • Electric engine
  • The style name is premium plus Quattro
  • All-wheel-drive powertrain
  • Can haul up to 5 passengers
  • 4 passenger doors
  • Automatic transmission


  • $65900 MSRP
  1. Jaguar I-Pace

It has earned an 8.6/10 expert rating and holds the second rank in the segment. It was the first fully electric long-range crossover arrived from a conventional luxury Brand. It is the closest alternative to Tesla Model Y.


  • Enticing performance
  • Quiet ride
  • Balanced handling and ride
  • Top-notch trims and materials


  • Costly
  • Back seats are difficult to access


  • Electric engine
  • The Style name is HSE AWD
  • AWD drivetrain
  • Can haul up to 5 passengers
  • 4 passenger doors
  • Concentric single-speed automatic transmission
  • Price: $69900 MSRP
  1. Genesis GV80

With a 7.8/10 expert rating, it holds the third rank in the segment. It is the very first crossover SUV that arrived from the luxurious brand of Hyundai. Five-seated Genesis GV80 competes with Jaguar F-Pace, Audi Q8, Mercedes Benz GLE, and BMW X5.


  • Elegant interior
  • Handsome exterior
  • Roomy back seats
  • Supremely quiet cabin


  • Console dial complication
  • Insecure lane control feature
  • Infotainment dial
  • Distant touchscreen


  • Turbo premium I-4 engine
  • The style name is 2.5T AWD
  • AWD drivetrain
  • Can haul up to 5 passengers
  • 4 passenger doors
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Price: $54650 MSRP
  1. Volvo XC60

With a 7.7/10 expert rating, it holds the fourth rank in the segment. This luxurious crossover SUV is liked for its elegance and remarkable performance. The competitors of Volvo XC60 are Mercedes GLC-class, BMW X3, and Audi Q5.


  • Both AWD and FWD drivetrains are available
  • Solid powertrains
  • Elegant interior
  • Logical infotainment system
  • High-tech safety features


  • Thirsty T6 and T5 engines
  • Premium fuel
  • Limited range of plug-in hybrid models
  • Gets costly quickly


  • L, electric I-4, supercharger gas and,d Turbo engines available
  • The style name is recharge T8eAWDPHEV inscription
  • Can haul up to 5 passengers
  • 4 passenger doors
  • 8-speed Geartronic automatic transmission
  • Price: $41700 MSRP
  1. Volvo XC90

With 7.7/10 expert ratings, Volvo XC90 is also at 4th rank. This luxurious crossover can haul 6-7 passengers. It is sometimes compared with other cars including Acura MDX, BMW X7, and Audi Q7.


  • Proudly Scandinavian
  • Sophisticated and simple interior
  • Tablet-like touchscreen
  • Lots of trims and models
  • Standard robust tech features
  • Incredible safety record


  • The less potent base powertrain
  • Some fragile material is used in the cabin
  • Does not give high performance


  • 0L, electric I-4, supercharger gas, turbo engines available
  • The style name is Recharge T8 eAWD PHEV inscription 6P
  • Can hold up to 7 passengers
  • 4 passenger doors
  • 8-speed Geartronic automatic-inc transmission
  • Price: $49000 MSRP


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