Affordable plans are offered to elders above fifty-five so they can stay in touch with their loved ones. Plans can be customized according to their needs.

Types of cell phone plans for seniors:

Different types of senior plans are offered to seniors and they can choose according to their needs. Following are the types of senior cell phone plans.

Prepaid phones without plans:

You don’t want to purchase any plan and pay for them, then you should go with the prepaid cellular phone and pay at the end of the month according to the usage. Prepaid phones are also called BURNER PHONES. It is the most popular type of cell phone and is loved by independent and free souls. In this modern age, seniors are using the internet the same as young people.

Seniors usually choose a plan without any monthly contract and they would more likely to select the data, text, and call monthly so they can change their carrier without paying any penalty.

Senior-specific cell phone plans:

Different types of featured plans and discounted deals are offered to seniors over the age of 55. If you are living alone and there is no one other than you who can use the phone to call or text then discounted deals are perfect for you. Discounted plans are also offered to you when you have to call in other states or you need a high speed of data.

If you are a busy parent of young kids and your parents are living in any other state, such plans can help you to stay in touch with them via calls, text, video calls, and voice messages. Apps are available that help you to detect any falls and another tracking so you can live with peace of mind. Seniors can also use different apps that can help them in case of an emergency.

Family plans:

Family plans are the most effective way to use data, text, calls, and many more. Benefits from family plans can be used by all the family members. Some carriers offer flexible deals in their family plans by covering the cost of NETFLIX SUBSCRIPTION they had to pay.

Different cell carriers offer different versions of family plans and guides are available that provide every detail about each plan.

They offer limitations for family plans- as low as two people and a maximum of four people can use any plan at a time. They will make an account and provide options according to the selected plan for text, call, and data. These plans are budget-friendly and keep seniors CENTRALISED and ORGANISED.

Flexible plans:

Flexible plans are set according to the choice of the consumer, not by the provider. They can dictate their term and conditions to the provider every month. If you don’t want to choose thousands of call minutes and gigabytes of interest, then you can create your plan according to your need.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get all the benefits and safety apps with such plans because they are offered according to the seniors.

They don’t provide two-year un-breakable contracts as traditional carriers could provide.

Pay as you go phones:

These phones charge you for standard phone service on your regular calls. You are not charged extra for your monthly and you also don’t have to maintain long-term contracts. When you are out of your minutes, still you have the option to make calls and send texts. You have to pay for your call and text at standard cost.

Top senior cell phone plans in 2021:  (2)

Here are some top senior cell phone plans for 2021. You can choose and compare and select the best according to your budget. However, these plans are specific for people above 55 and designed according to their needs.

Mint Mobile:

  • It is a great value plan for seniors.
  • It will work best for you if you are searching for cheap senior cell phone plans.
  • No specific discount is available for seniors in the plan as they are already budget-friendly.
  • If you choose 4GB PLAN it will cost you 15 dollars per month.
  • This price is available only for three months. After three months your provider will change the cost.
  • Renew option is available after three, six, or twelve months.
  • If you renew your plan for twelve months you will be charged 12 dollars. The cost will be high if you change after three or six months.
  • It is suggested to select the renewal for one year that is worth committing with MINT MOBILE.


  • It is a very affordable senior cell phone plan
  • You can get a decent amount of data


  • You have to change the offer every three months.


  • It lies in the type of pay-as-you-go plan for seniors.
  • This plan is best for seniors who mostly don’t use their cell phones.
  • Ultra-mobile plan offers you hundred minutes, hundred texts, and one hundred MBs of data in three dollars for a month.
  • It seems to be very limited but works best for seniors who rarely use their cell phones.
  • If you run out of your data you can pay five dollars extra for 500 MBs per month.
  • If you need more data as offered in this plan you can go for the Mint mobile plan.


  • It is a super cheap senior cell phone plan
  • Option for adding more data is available


  • It might be limited for data calls
  • Limited for data texts
  • No extra features are available


  • It is the best unlimited data plan for seniors
  • You can get two lines of T-mobile for just fifty-five dollars. It means 27.50 dollars for each line.
  • You can get a package of unlimited calls, texts, and data.
  • No speed restrictions in data.
  • Scam protection and mobile hotspot option available.
  • SD streaming is only limited if you are traveling in MEXICO and CANADA.
  • Magenta plan of T-mobile provides two lines in seventy dollars.
  • Magenta plan provides free NETFLIX subscription and mobile hotspot data.


  • 5G at no extra charges
  • Affordable plans


  • Limited to 2G in MEXICO and CANADA.