A Bed is an important part of furniture that is used for relaxation and sleeping purposes. People buy a bed to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night.

Importance of bed (1)

A bed is a crucial part of a bedroom set. No furniture is complete without it. It comes in different sizes and shapes. A complete bed set consists of a frame and a mattress. People add extra things to have a luxurious feel, such as pillows, soft quilts, cushions, and bedsheets, etc. The frame of a bed consists of a solid base (either sprung base or woodslats), footboard, side rails, and headboard. The solid base is normally covered by a mattress and is used to lie on. The headboardgives back support to people.

Types of beds (2)

  1. Daybed

It is a highly versatile and elegant type of bed. It can be used as a sofa, a bench or a bed at the same time. It is available in different sizes and shapes. A daybed is perfect to keep in guest rooms, homes, offices, and patios.

  1. Futon

It resembles a daybed and provides dual benefits of a couch and a bed. This formal Japanese styleof bed is suitable to place in apartments and small rooms. It can be folded to increase the room space.

  1. Waterbed

As opposed to spring or memory foam, a waterbed is loaded with water. This less common type of bed has several benefits. It can be used for soothing muscles spasm as well as for physical therapy. The water can be heated for a therapeutic effect. The warm water relieves the pressure on painful points.

  1. Airbed

The word airbed is self-explanatory. This type of bed is filled with air. The airbed must not be confused be air mattresses. In comparison to air mattresses, Airbeds are more durable and are designed to be kept at home. They can be used as a bed as well as a couch.

  1. Murphy bed

A wall bed or pull-down bed are some other labels for a murphy bed. This type of bed is suitable for those who do not want room space to be utilized unnecessarily. With a hinge on one side, a murphy bed can be folded up against the wall. This is how people can enjoy a free space in a room most of the day. This is suitable for small apartments and studios.

  1. Four-poster bed

This Bed has four distinct posts that rise from all four corners of the bed. People having large bedrooms are widely using this type of bed. The posts of the bed come in different styles such as regal or rustic.

  1. Round bed

Unlike other traditional beds, the around bed comes in a circular shape. The shape of the bed does not compromise its size at all. People mostly use this bed to give a unique touch to the bedroom.

  1. Divan

Divan bed has a unique design. The whole base consists of fabric that encases the wooden frame. Some divan comes with drawers and a headboard for more storage. A mattress generally comes along with it. This type of bed is appropriate for people who are searching for a bed and mattress all in one.

  1. Adjustable bed

This type of bed can be adjusted into several positions. This is recommended by therapists or doctors to people having any medical problem. Tilting and height adjustments are some common features of this bed.


It is a supporting pad placed on a bed frame. It gives support to the laying individual. It can be used alone or in combination with a bed.

Types of mattresses

  1. Innerspring

This type of mattress is consists of a bottom and top upholstery layers with a spring core. The upholstery layers provide a comfort and cushioning effect to the sleeper. The core is supposed to provide soothing support to an individual’s back. The core of most of the mattresses is comprised of coils such as Bonnell coils, offset coils, continuous coils, and Marshall Coils.

  1. Foam mattress

In contrast to spring mattresses, foam mattresses are filled with petrochemical-based foams. These mattresses come in various densities and weights. There are several further types of foam mattresses such as memory foam, latex foam, and high-density foams.

  1. Bladder mattresses

These mattresses are comprised of bladders of air or water. These types of mattresses were first used in Persia in 3600 BCE and then gained popularity in the early 20th century.

Brands of mattresses

  1. Saatva Classic mattress

This brand has gained high ratings for its support and comfort level. It provides free setup and delivery. The height of this mattress ranges from 11.5” to 14.5”. The size range from twin to California king is available in this brand.

Price: $1374

  1. AllswellLuxeHybrid Mattress

This brand is providing the best-featured mattresses at affordable prices. Low cost does not mean cheap quality. The hybrid style has both coils and memory foam inside to give feels of support and comfort. All mattresses come in a standard size of 12”.

Price: $675

  1. The Purple Mattress

This brand provides a hybrid mattress having both a firm and soft feel. Its squishy elastic grid gives firm support to the sleeper. Partners can’t feel the movement of each other while tossing around the whole night. It has a free shipping cost.

Price: $1199


Everyone likes to sleep in the manner he wants. Every sleeping position has its pros and cons.Back sleepers spend a maximum of sleeping hourson their back. In comparison to other types of sleepers, back sleepers enjoy the best sleep health. A stomach sleeper is the least common type of sleeper. A stomach sleeper mostly sleeps on his stomach. Several problems are associated with this sleeping position. Side sleepers are the most common type of sleepers. This position has many upsides such as insomnia alleviation, reduced sleep apnea, and chronic sleep deprivation. People who mostly sleep on the left side experience improved blood flow and digestion.


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