It is specific in which an individual style or cut their hair. Hairstyles help to enhance the personality and beauty of a person.

Short hairstyles for women (1)

Following hairstyles are recommended for women with short hair.

  1. Long blonde pixie with root fade:

This hairstyle is perfect for thin hair. You have to make a pixie haircut and then add highlighting blonde shade to the layers. It will make your hair look thicker when the depth in the hairstyle is created. Highlights should be chopped so the natural color of hair can be seen.

  1. Short piece-y cut with angled bob

Side-swept bangs are kept longer and sideburns in triangular for women with short and thin hair as it can add identity and individuality to them. To create more volume layers at the back are kept disconnected and gentle curls are chopped around the NAPE. It provides a perfect look to your pretty neck.

  1. Two-tone stacked pixie bob:

The utmost and perfect haircut for women with short hair is stacked bob as it provides a boost volume to their thin hair. It is one of the low-maintenance hairstyles that give a great lift at the back of your head. To make your hair cut more gorgeous just add subtle highlights and keep your front bangs a bit longer.

  1. Silver Balayage Bob with swoopy layers:

If you have thin hair then layered cutting will work best for you to enhance their texture. To get this look, keep your bob inverted with long and swoopy layers. The whole style will look rounder in shape and your hair will look thicker than normal.

  1. Cute two-tone undercut:

Side parted style is very famous these days and it will work best for you if you love low maintenance hairstyle. This style has long feather-type layers and bangs. This hairstyle provides you a classic and smooth silhouette. You should go with a honey color at the top of your hair if you have the perfect dark brown shade in the undercut.

Long hairstyles for women:

Long hairs can look perfect on anyone and fit any personality. Here are some most popular and gorgeous hairstyles for women with long hair.

  1. Multilayered mix:

If you want a sleek, classic, and chic hairstyle with long hair then a mix layered may work best for you. This hairstyle provides body and movement to the hair. The secret of this hairstyle is to mix layers in the mid of your hair. Short layers are kept to beautifully frame the face and mostly they are kept of medium length.

  1. Mid-back brown U-cut with swoopy layers:

To emphasize the thickness and density of your hair, a U-cut is perfect for long and blunt hair. Long layers can make your head hair look more polished and classic. Shorted and chopped hair can enhance the texture and movement of your hair. It is the trendiest hairstyle these and you can opt this on your next visit to the salon.

  1. Short, medium, and long bangs:

To make your long hair look fabulous get a haircut with layers. You can ask your stylist to make short, medium and long layers according to the length of your hair. These mix layers can provide great movement to your hair and this haircut is very easy to style. With mix layers you can also style your hair with MESSY BRAIDS, BUNS, and SHAGGY PONYTAILS. You can also try faux bob and fake bangs to style your hair in a unique way.

  1. Straight and chic:

Straight hairstyle never gets out-dated. If you don’t want to sacrifice on the length of your hair, then this hairstyle is perfect for you as it gives you chic, and sleek look with feathery layered at the end of your hair. This style is created to give your hair movement with great shape.

  1. Reddish brown style with long V cut layers:

It is the classic and modern hairstyle for women with long hair. V shape hair cut provide great dimension to your hair along with layers. Short hair at the front of your head is kept longer than normal to make it different from other hairstyles. Long hair with bangs is face-framing and they work better with curls, waves, and straight hairstyles.

Hairstyle for men (2)

The messy and textured hairstyle is famous among young people these days. Short hairstyles are also trending but hair with medium length is more liked by men. If you want to keep your style fixed you should use products such as wax, cream, and pomade. These products also help in increasing the volume and thickness of your hair. No matter what type of hair you have, curly, straight, messy, thick, or thin hair- here are some top trending hairstyles you can adopt for 2021.

  1. Slicked back undercut hairstyle for men:

This hairstyle is a mix of modern and classic hairstyles. It looks best with medium hair length. Styling this hairstyle is very easy as you just have to comb your backward with the use of a hairdryer. You need a brush to control the direction of your hair. To hold this style all day and night, just use matte pomade after styling.

  1. Long comb over hairstyle plus low fade:

To have this hairstyle ask your stylist to keep low fades with a long comb-over. It gives you the most classic and bold look. The deep portion of hair provides height to your hair and low fades make the SIDE and BACK clean and neat. If you use pomade after styling it will give shine to your hair without making them stiff.

  1. Short quiff haircut for men:

It is one of the best hairstyles among young men and in barbershops. The quiff is full of volume that enhances the personality. Sides are kept faded that emphasize the mid-height of hair. Hair should be kept longer for about three to four inches and it can be easily fixed with the help of wax and pomade.