The Healthcare field is the field that involves diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the disease. This field is also supported by other professionals.

What is a healthcare degree? (1)

This is the healthcare-associated degree in which an individual gets proper education and training regarding the field. Some professionals deal directly with the person’s health condition and some deliver services through their administrative skills.

Types of healthcare degrees


Healthcare-related certificates are gained by short-term programs. These programs emphasize particular technical facets of the healthcare field. Candidates holding certificates can apply for the job as surgical technicians or cardiac technicians with median salaries of $45000 or $55000 respectively.

Associate’s degree

An associate’s degree takes 2 years to complete. An associate degree holder can find entry-level work in the respective field. Coursework relies on the discipline, but mainly concentrates on the coursework related to the interest of the student. Students gain experience and training skills in fields of their interest. Training allows their direct contact with patients even before completion of the degree. Examples of online programs or associate’s degrees include clinical medical assisting, healthcare administration, healthcare management, health services administration, massage therapy, dental assistant, medical office transcribing, medical office administration, andmedical billing and coding.

Bachelor’s degree

In comparison to associate and certificate programs, this degree provides more extensive knowledge to students.  Candidates get knowledge from inside as well as outside of their domain, though a maximum of their coursework focuses on the field of interest. Online Programs that come under this degree are registered nursing, healthcare administration, system health administration, health information system, health services management, healthcare management, and long-term care.

Master’s degree

A master’s degree holder can get high paid job with a well-labeled designation. This degree mainly concerns with management field and develops marketing and managing skills in candidates. If someone is interested in regulatory compliance, patient privacy, cost-management, and provider liability, then a master’s degree is good to go. This degree offers several online programs such as healthcare management (MBA), health administration, health administration informatics, health administration gerontology, and health administration informatics.

Doctoral degree

This is the maximum level degree one can attain in the healthcare field. For this degree, one should first complete his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Online programs under this degree include management of non-profit agencies, community health promotion and education, health care administration, counseling studies, transitional doctor of physical therapy, health services, doctor of occupational therapy, public health, doctor of health science, and doctor of health education.

Healthcare specialties (2)

There are several healthcare specialties one can select. A medical assistant is one of these professionals who are involved in clinical and administrative tasks in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare establishments. A certificate holder can enter this field and earn up to a $31500 median salary. A nutritionist or dietitian is another professional who gets expertise in food to manage the disease and promote health. He makes a customized diet plan for an individual. A student can enter this field after gaining a bachelor’s degree. The median salary of a dietitian is $59000. Speech-language pathology is another exciting health care field in which an expert examines and treats swallowing and communication disorders. Candidates can initiate their careers after getting a graduation degree and comprehensive clinic practice with patients. The average salary of a language pathologist is $74000.

Healthcare management and administration

Whenever the word “hospital” comes, people think of nurses and doctors. But some hidden professionals are also there to support medical staff. Health care managers plan, coordinate, and direct the health and medical services of every individual in the hospital. A highly expert health care manager earns 6-digit pay. His annual average is around $96000. According to BLS, 17% growth of this profession is expected in upcoming years.

Health informatics

A doctor can do his job properly by getting information regarding the height, weight, signs and symptoms, and family history of the patient. Any error in the information can cause improper or completely wrong treatment of the patient. To resolve this problem, a physician depends upon the health information technician who is responsible for maintaining the accessibility, quality, and safety of the information. In the US, there are about 200000 individuals who are working as health information technicians and getting $20 per hour in clinics and. Hospitals. BLS has stated 15% growth in their jobs in the upcoming time.

Sonography and ultrasound

In the medical system, a sonographer has the most heartwarming role. He can diagnose different illnesses from heart conditions to kidney stones. A sonographer also plays a role in oncology and neurology. According to BLS, a group of sonographers and ultrasound specialists is termed as “Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and Cardiovascular Technologists and technicians”. The annual median salary of an ultrasound specialist is $64280.

Public health

A degree in public health provides multiple ways to exceed in life. This allows a student to learn more about safety and health trends. He understands how health practices produce a positive change in overall body health. One can excel in this field as an environmental scientist, health and safety engineer, healthcare epidemiologist, and healthcare administrator. According to BLS, a public health degree holder can earn up to $70000 annually. A Master’s degree is a prerequisite for this program.

Emergency Management

This program is best suitable for courteous candidates. All those, who want to help mankind when disaster strikes, can find this program appropriate for them. These candidates can collaborate with government agencies, hospitals, non-profit organizations, and community centersto provide their services. BLS states that an emergency management director can earn around $70000 annually.

Sports medicine

This field is for those students who love both science and sports. An expert in sports medicine provides Off-field services to the player so he can play well on the field. He is responsible for creating training plans for an amateur athlete and maintaining the good health of a professional athlete. Bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for this program. An athlete trainer can earn around $45000 annually.